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Where Dreams Become Reality  

Hi my name is Angie and my son name is Charles and he now 15 years old we reside in Decatur Il. my son was so disrespectful and would stay out all night and do drugs he just didn't care about life at all.

I meet Danette in a small town we were residing she move there in about 2005 and she was the best thing that happen to me and my son. When she moved away my world just came fallin down because she helped me with both my sons because I just didn't have control but when she would talk to them they would always listen and all I could do is smile because I had a moment of rest.

When she left I thought maybe they have changed but a couple days later it went down hill swearing,talking back,staying out late just plain disrespect. So I called her and I was crying and I said I couldn't take it anymore and to my surprize she told me to send him to chicago with her and she would work with him so I did just that. I sent him to Chicago in June,2007 and he returned about the end of September with a whole new attitude and he just looked so much better and even asked me to get him in school that was shock! His attitude has changed so much he sometimes does swear but always apologize and he says that it slips out because he done it so long but overall she has done a outstanding job and I would recommend anyone that is having trouble with their teens to contact Young Creative Minds because Danette is a positive role model.

P.S. Thanks Danette!

Here are some before and after pictures